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 The Koffee Krew is about open source BJJ. We are not just one academy, we are in the school of thought that Jiu Jitsu is for everyone. No Dojo Trippin’.

How it started-

A few friends wanted to get an extra training day in but with families and full time jobs, it was hard to find the time. Sunday morning became that day. Starting early enough to get some mat time and get home early enough to take our families out for the day. Having friends from different gyms, we invited them to join us. Sharing techniques and a passion for jiu jitsu, we all grew together. Eventually a small group of 5 became 10. Getting solid training and coffee afterwards became a must and we were dubbed “the koffee krew” by member Joelly Lobato. The krew has continued to grow having up to 50 players on the mats. We enjoy sharing the mats so much that we actively reach out to local gyms to host a sunday morning open mat and enjoy some comradery!!